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He Shou Wu (also known as Fo-Ti) is derived from the roots of Polygonum multiflora. He Shou Wu helps promote healthy liver and kidney functions to boost blood circulation and delivers nutrients and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles, effectively reducing hair problems like thinning hair, premature hair greying, dry or oily hair, itchy scalp, and hair loss.

Most supplements waste your money.

Our bodies are not efficient — only a small share of what we consume gets absorbed into our bodies. Powdered extracts are more rapidly absorbed by the body than a supplement contained in pill form. Try powdered supplements and increase absorption rates up to 90%.

Purity Natural Beauty Powdered Extracts

✔️ Higher potency

✔️ ±90% absorption efficiency

✔️ Use ingredients that enhance benefits

✔️ Easy to consume

✔️ No bitter taste

Other Supplements

❌ Lower potency

❌ 7%-12% absorption efficiency

❌ Contain low quality ingredients

❌ Hard to consume

❌ Don't taste good

Hair Growth and Color Restoration

He Shou Wu is used in Chinese medicine to promote hair health. These benefits are mainly due to He Shou Wu nourishing the liver and kidneys, providing a better blood flow to the scalp, and in turn stimulating hair growth and helping reverse gray hair.

Improves Sleep

According to multiple studies, He Shou Wu can improve sleep, as well as other mental disorders, such as anxiety or depression and chronic stress-related disorders. One of the most useful benefits if taking He Shou Wu is that it will decrease your stress levels. He Shou Wu helps balance our central stress response system by producing serotonin and dopamine which give you a sense of calmness.

Boosts Sexual Desire

He Shou Wu serves as an aphrodasiac by stimulating the adrenal gland's production of sexual hormones, as well as bringing balancce to the endocrine system. It's used to maintain youthful sexual drive, to promote sperm count in men, and to suppport the health of the ova in women.

Promotes Longevity

Rich in iron and zinc, two essential minerals, He Shou Wu is a first-class blood builder and cell generator. There are a number of compounds in the herb that enhance circulation, strengthen red blood cell membranes and stimulate blood-generating hematopoietic stem cells. He Shou Wu also protects and helps maintain the structural integrity of the liver, improves brain function and memory, and enhances immune system functioning.

Mix Into Your Favorite Drink

Purity Natural Beauty powdered extracts are powerful superfoods. No artificial ingredients. Can be taken before, with, or after a meal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many servings of He Shou Wu in one 5 ounce bag?

There are 104 servings in each bag.

Do your products have an organic certification?

Our products are certified organic by EcoCert, a certification body accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Are there any side effects?

Here is a resource we made discussing the potential side effects of consuming He Shou Wu

The Health Benefits and Side Effects of He Shou Wu

Are your powders water soluble?

Yes, our powders are water soluble and mixes easily in cold water and hot water or any liquid you prefer.

Does this product expire?

Even though each bag is meant to be a 1 month supply, our bags of He Shou Wu will last at least 1 year from the date that you open them. If your bag contains an expiration date on it, it means that you should try to open your bag before that date, not that it expires on that date.