The Health Benefits and Side Effects of He Shou Wu

The Health Benefits and Side Effects of He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu is a powerful adaptogenic herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to restore hair color and growth, promote healthy blood flow and reduce stress and anxiety. This article will provide an overview of the health benefits, side effects, and suggested dosage for He Shou Wu. 

Health Benefits of He Shou Wu

Hair Growth and Color Restoration

He Shou Wu is best known for its ability to promote hair health. By nourishing the liver and kidneys, He Shou Wu provides better blood flow to the scalp, which in turn stimulates hair growth and helps reverse gray hair.

Studies have shown that He Shou Wu root extract can improve hair growth rate and nourishment by increasing melanin production, feeding, and supporting hair follicles. He Shou Wu also appears to transition hair follicles from damaged, dormant stages into rejuvenated, fast-growing ones that resemble hair growth patterns in the young.

Other studies have shown that He Shou Wu can help speed up the transition of hair follicles from the dormant stage of hair growth (telogen phase) to the growth stage (anagen phase), which is important to those suffering from hair thinning or hair loss.

Increased Libido

By serving as a kidney tonic, He Shou Wu also stimulates and harmonizes adrenal gland function and promotes general endocrine system balance. He Shou Wu serves as an aphrodisiac by stimulating the adrenal gland’s production of sexual hormones, as well as bringing balance to the endocrine system. It’s used to maintain youthful sexual drive, to promote sperm count in men, and to support the health of the ova in women.

Better Sleep

He Shou Wu helps balance the central stress response system by producing serotonin and dopamine. As a result, He Shou Wu helps to provide a feeling of calmness which can improve sleep as well as other mental disorders, such as anxiety or depression and chronic stress-related disorders. 


He Shou Wu has remarkable ability to support and maintain the healthful cleaning functions of the kidney and liver, which in turn clean the blood. Rich in iron and zinc, two essential minerals, He Shou Wu is a first-class blood builder and cell generator. There are a number of compounds in the herb that enhance circulation, strengthen red blood cell membranes and stimulate blood-generating hematopoietic stem cells. He Shou Wu also protects and helps maintain the structural integrity of the liver, improves brain function and memory, and enhances immune system functioning.  



Side Effects of He Shou Wu

The side effects of He Shou Wu are not well understood yet. It is important to keep in mind that this herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years and was typically taken by those who were healthy.

However, there are some reports that He shou wu can cause stomach cramps and nausea. These side effects are usually mild and temporary.

How to Take He Shou Wu

When taking He Shou Wu, you should always consult with your doctor, especially if you have any medical conditions. You should also ensure you are taking it at the correct dosage.

Unlike many other types of medication, He Shou Wu can be taken in different ways depending on your personal needs.

Many people take He Shou Wu with water, tea, or wine at night before bedtime (the evening dose) and again in the morning after waking up (the morning dose).

Purity Natural Beauty He Shou Wu is powder extract that can be taken orally by being added to smoothies, tea, or coffee.

Dosage of He Shou Wu

The typical and recommended dosage of He shou wu is one to four grams per day. Purity Natural Beauty He Shou Wu should be taken 2-3 times daily (morning, afternoon, and evening) for maximum effectiveness. 

He Shou Wu should be taken for around 6 months for maximum benefit. Any less than that, and you likely won't see much improvement.