5 Health Benefits of Beetroot Powder That Will Blow Everyone Away

5 Health Benefits of Beetroot Powder That Will Blow Everyone Away

Did you know that eating a teaspoon of beet root powder has the same effect as taking a single strong tablet of the medicine for your heart? Beet root is one of the most beneficial foods for improving your heart health. The benefits of beetroot, also known as beets, are so impressive that it has been dubbed “The Amazing Red Veggie“. Even the US Department of Agriculture has endorsed its heart-healthy benefits, recommending it as part of a diet rich in antioxidants. Red beet roots are packed with nutrients such as folate, iron, and naturally occurring sugars. However, the most exciting benefits of beetroot are the ones that have been hidden from us until now. Let’s take a look at why Beet Root is such a potent heart-healthy food and its 5 amazing benefits.

Boosts Heart Health

Beet root powder is a rich source of nitrates. Nitrates help in the relaxation of blood vessels, which prevents high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and improves blood circulation. Beet roots also contain antioxidants that help protect your heart from oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals.

Protects Vision

Studies have shown that beetroot juice can protect the retina and lens of the eyes against damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. It is believed that this protection comes from antioxidants, like betacyanin, which are present in beet roots. In one study, participants who drank beetroot juice were found to have a higher amount of antioxidants in their blood. This means that drinking beetroot juice can help prevent cataracts and other eye-related ailments.

Acts as an Antioxidant

There is evidence to suggest that the antioxidants in beetroot are effective in preventing blood clotting and lowering cholesterol. Antioxidants are also important for reducing inflammation, which is often the cause of heart disease.

Helps with Weight Loss

Beetroot powder is an excellent source of fiber, which fills you up and reduces the amount of food you consume. Fiber also works to maintain a healthy weight by slowing down digestion and absorption rates.

Improves Digestion

Beet root powder is amazing for your digestive system, as it contains sorbitol which can help you with constipation. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol used as a chemical laxative in the treatment of constipation. What’s more? Beetroot powder also helps you to feel fuller for longer and can reduce post-meal blood sugar levels by up to 25%.

Helps with Brain Function

Beetroot is an excellent source of natural nitrates. When you consume beet root, the bacteria in your mouth starts to breakdown the nitrate into a gas called nitric oxide, which helps relax and dilate blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation. This improves brain function, relieves stress, and boosts energy levels.

Other Benefits of Beet Root Powder

  1. Reduces Blood Clotting Time

Beetroot has been found to reduce the time it takes for blood to clot. This is especially important if you are prone to bleeding or bruising easily.

  1. Promotes Healthy Blood

Beet root powder helps regulate your blood pressure and keeps it within a healthy range. Too low blood pressure can lead to fainting and too high blood pressure can lead to heart issues and stroke, so this is an important benefit for those who suffer from hypertension.

  1. Prevents Atherosclerosis

It also reduces the risk of Atherosclerosis, which is when plaque builds up in your arteries, causing them to harden and narrow. The result is that your heart has less room to pump and this can lead to life-threatening complications like a heart attack or stroke.

  1. Detoxifies Liver

Beet root juice has been found, in studies conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, to help detoxify the liver by removing toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful substances from our body.

5. Increases Energy Levels

Eating beet root increases energy levels by balancing blood sugar levels, which in turn promotes better oxygenation for muscles and organs, including the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys.


Side Effects of Beet Root Powder

The only downside of beet root powder is that it may have a slight effect on your blood sugar levels. This means that people with diabetes should consult their doctor before adding it to their diet. Beet roots are also high in nitrates, which can lead to an increased chance of developing a rare condition called Methemoglobinemia, more commonly known as "blue baby syndrome". If you suffer from G6PD deficiency, then eating beetroots will cause the body to create too much oxygen, and the resultant blue coloring of the skin. Apart from this, beetroot has no serious side effects! Purity Natural Beauty Beet Root Powder is fully organic. Our beet roots are grown organically, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. It's also certified “organic” by EcoCert, a certification body accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture.